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Marianas Trench

We caught up with Josh Ramsay (vocals, rythm guitar) and Ian Casselman (drums) of the very talented band Marianas Trench and discussed the past, present and future with lots of laughs and fun stories along the way. Interview to...


On one of the hottest days of the summer, Stereos discuss their fears, share some advice and even clear up some rumors and answer fan questions as well. Learn about them, laugh with them and enjoy watching! This interview took ...

Ottawa Bluesfest

The Ottawa Bluesfest this year has been hot, for lack of better words! But the heat is only intensified when you’ve got thousands of people, crowded together to come check out some of the hottest bands and performers for ...


Faber Drive

We sat down with the guys from Faber Drive to find out more about them and even clear up some rumors and ask them some fan questions! This was July 6th 2010 at the Ottawa Bluesfest.