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January 15, 2012


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City: Hamilton

Members: Max Kerman (vocals, guitar), Mike DeAngelis (vocals, guitar), Dan Griffin  (temporarily replaced by Anthony Carone) (vocals, keyboard, guitar, Nick Dika (bass) and Tim Oxford (drums).

Albums: Deadlines EP (2007), Jackson Square (2008), Michigan Left (2011)

Label: Dine Alone Records, Universal Music Canada

Fun Fact: ‘’Arkells are collectively 30 feet and 3 inches tall and weigh 912 pounds.’’ Source:

Max Kerman

Mike DeAngelis

Dan Griffin

Anthony Carone

Nick Dika

Tim Oxford

Arkells is a five piece rock band formed in 2005. Their music is greatly influenced by the raw rock sound of Springsteen. From the beginning of Deadlines, we can hear the strong mix of rock and blues that is expressed in their songs. In 2010, they won a Juno award for Best New Artist, an award that has previously been awarded to artists like Rush, Moist, Nickleback and Billy Talent. Due to Arkells’s growing popularity and ability to put up energetic live shows, they got the chance to perform Whistleblower at the halftime of the Vanier Cup last November. Dan Griffin (keyboard) is currently being replaced by Anthony Carone because he is back in school.

By: Laurence Des Lauriers-Chouinard


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