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August 29, 2010

Bieber Fever Reaches Ottawa!

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Written by: CT

Sofie, our official Justin Bieber representative, headed out to scotiabank place on August 24th to report on the event!


Here’s what she said:
The Justin Bieber concert was amazing! 16,500 people ( mostly girls, of course) gathered outside of Scotia Bank place waiting for the doors to open. The crowd cheered “Justin , Justin …”. Fans dressed from head to toe in Justin Bieber T-shirts , Tatoos , posters and makeup on their faces spelling “ I Love Justin!“ The halls in the lobby were crazy, you could hardly move and security was very strict. Once you entered the stadium, millions of people looked for their seats and screamed for Justin to come out.

As the show began, the first act was singer Vita Chambers from Vancouver. Second act was Jessica Jarell singing her new single “ Up and running“. Then, all of a sudden, Sean Kingston appeared and sang his songs from both his new and old album. Finally after a brief intermission the moment we were all waiting for came. The countdown to Justin’s performance began on 2 big screens on each side of the stage as he prepared to enter and surprise us.The stage became purple (his favourite colour) and he appeared, singing the song “love me”.

Justin’s grand entrance:

He danced Hip Hop very well and had 3 back up dancers following his every move. As he sang, he danced across the stage and held his head up proudly, bouncing to his songs and music. He’s very energetic doing flips, tricks with his feet and even went rock-climbing right on stage! That definitely amazed us! Every now and then, Justin would compliment his fans, causing the crowd to scream even louder.

At one point, Bieber appeared in a heart shaped crate which hung above the audience. He played his guitar, singing “favourite girl” and “one less lonely girl“.


After the second intermission, Justin introduced his back-up singers who go by the name of “legacy“. They sang and showed off their awesome dance moves.


Not long after that, Sean Kingston came back out on stage to sing a duet with Justin (the song “ Eenie Meenie”).


Next, Bieber brought a fan up on stage and sang to her, gave her flowers, hugs and even a kiss on the cheek.


Afterwards, Jessica Jarell appeared on stage and sang a duet with him.


The song “Baby” was saved for last, being one of his most popular songs. He danced up a storm while he sang! Sadly the song came to an end. He waved his arms goodbye, blowing kisses to the screaming girls and then ran off the stage.








The night was very well planned and needless to say, a lot of people came out with big smiles on their faces!

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