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January 14, 2012

Brighter, Brightest

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City: Toronto, ON (originally from Aurora, ON)

Members: Derek Hoffman (lead vocals, guitar), Alex Westgate (bass, vocals), Kyle Topping (guitar), Ryan Mansbridge (drums)

Label: Black Box/Maple Music

Albums/EPs: Right For Me, released August 9th, 2011

Welcome Home EP, released May 5th, 2009

Brighter Brightest-Single, released March 10th, 2009

Fun Facts: -Brighter Brightest worked on their album Right For Me with music producer “Machine” in New Jersey.

-They were one of the featured bands on Much Music’s hit show Discovered.

- Lead singer Derek Hoffman was on Canadian idol in 2007 when he was just 17 years old.

- The band has worked with Rob Dyer (Skate4Cancer) and wrote a song called “Push Past” inspired by his motivation

- Bassist Alex is also a graphic designer. Check out his website: 

Derek Hoffman Alex Westgate Kyle Topping Ryan Mansbridge

Brighter Brightest is a pop/rock band from Toronto, ON (originally from Aurora, ON).  The four members have been friends since childhood and have been playing instruments together ever since. In 2010, the band travelled to New Jersey to work with music producer “Machine” on their first album. They were featured on Much Music’s TV show “Discovered” where they were followed on camera as they recorded their first album and overcame the challenges faced by young bands working to make it in the music industry. The show premiered in summer 2011 which is also when their first album Right For Me was released. After the release of Right For Me in, they went on tour across the country to promote their album.

By: Kirsten Raccio


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