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A Brief Walk Through Canada’s Musical History

Although Canadian music has been heavily influenced by American culture, Canada’s musical heritage is as wide-ranging and diverse as the country itself. From the earliest known Aboriginal communities with their chanting and o...
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Hashtag Live 2016

Article by: Kelsey Cueva Photos by: Tia Belleisle & Kelsey Canning What exactly does it take to become “internet famous”? Establish a following? Or create awesome and noteworthy content? While there isn’t a 100% guara...

Canadas Talent Hits Toronto

  During the weekend of October 22-24 2010, Canadas Talent headed out to Toronto for the CHFA trade fair, an interview with former Much Music VJ, Tim Deegan, and a tour around the biggest city in Canada! Day 1 was our tou...


Danny Fernandes in Ottawa!

On December 3rd 2010, Danny Fernandes arrived in Ottawa to play a show at the Parliament Ultra Club to promote his new album, Automaticluv! (Released November 2nd 2010).   Our interview with Danny was fun! We talked about ...

Announcement: Upcoming Interviews!

We are interviewing Fighting For Ithaca and Faber Drive reeeeal soon! Send in your fan questions!

Dan Oig Interview!

  We recently spoke with singer/songwriter Dan Oig, from Kamloops BC! His new album “Love” was released this summer. Take a listen to some of his music here: Also be sure to foll...

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Emily Bones – Merry Little Christmas

Emily Bones, lead singer of The Anti-Queens released an early Christmas gift to fans with her beautiful rendition of Merry Little Christmas. We love hearing this holiday classic with her special twist   Happy Holidays from...

Juno FanFare

Saturday, March 31 Once again fans of Canadian music were reunited at the Juno Fan Fare, a popular event from the Juno weekend. The Fan Fare was held by the St-Laurent Centre shopping mall this year, in Ottawa. Greeted by the s...

Down With Webster in Ottawa!!!

We had a fantastic day on September 18th when Down With Webster came by for a visit in Ottawa! Those guys sure know how to put on a fantastic, energetic show and really get the crowd going; singing, dancing, jumping and just ha...