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Juno FanFare

Saturday, March 31 Once again fans of Canadian music were reunited at the Juno Fan Fare, a popular event from the Juno weekend. The Fan Fare was held by the St-Laurent Centre shopping mall this year, in Ottawa. Greeted by the s...

Canada Day Special

Canada’s artists tell their stories, experiences and memories, sharing what being Canadian means to them and what they love most about this beautiful country. Happy birthday Canada!

Edmonton Folk Music Festival 2010- Day 1

Hey, I’m Nelly of Canadas Talent, and I’m going to be sharing my experience out at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival with you! The first night of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival was Wednesday, August 4th 2010.  The...


Edmonton Folk Music Festival 2010- Day 3 (August 6th 2010)

Day three of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival was August 6th, 2010. On this day, I checked out the Amanda Martinez concert.  She is a Canadian Latin/ jazz musician who sings almost entirely in Spanish.  Amanda seemed like a ...

NXNE 2017

By: Kishan Mistry The annual NXNE festival made its way back to the Portland’s for its 2k17 edition. Headlining the weekend included the likes of Post Malone, Montreal-based DJ Kaytranada, and electro-pop group Passion Pit. S...

Happy Canada Day!

                                                          Hello fellow Canadians! ...

portlands main pic compressed

NXNE Port Lands: Recap

By Riley Mackinnon  Friday, June 17, and Saturday, June 18, NXNE began wrapping up their week-long music and arts festival with Port Lands, a two-day music festival held in the ports of Toronto. Luckily, the weather played i...

A Brief Walk Through Canada’s Musical History

Although Canadian music has been heavily influenced by American culture, Canada’s musical heritage is as wide-ranging and diverse as the country itself. From the earliest known Aboriginal communities with their chanting and o...

Down With Webster in Ottawa!!!

We had a fantastic day on September 18th when Down With Webster came by for a visit in Ottawa! Those guys sure know how to put on a fantastic, energetic show and really get the crowd going; singing, dancing, jumping and just ha...