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The New Cities

The New Cities

On October 17th 2011 in Ottawa, we caught up with Dave and Julien from The New Cities during their time on Avril Lavigne’s Black Star tour. We talked about their new album “Kill The Lights”, touring, early years and they ...

Courage My Love

Interview on August 5th 2011 in Ottawa with Courage My Love. Watch as we talk about Warped Tour, fan gifts, their EP “For Now”, Gene Simmons and more! They even show us some of their pre-performance rituals… Enjoy!
FSRZ pic

Fake Shark Real Zombie Interview

We caught up with Fake Shark Real Zombie during Canadian Music Week 2013 to discuss their latest album, shampoo, music videos, gummy bears and much more! They even called a lucky fan and answered her question! Enjoy!


Valley Interview

We caught up with Valley to discuss the formation of the band, their upcoming EP, dream tour mates and much more! For more on the band click here. Subscribe for more interviews with your favourite Canadian artists!

Marianas Trench

We caught up with Josh Ramsay (vocals, rythm guitar) and Ian Casselman (drums) of the very talented band Marianas Trench and discussed the past, present and future with lots of laughs and fun stories along the way. Interview to...

Yukon Blonde Interview

An entertaining chat with Yukon Blonde at the Indies during Canadian Music Week 2013.Enjoy!

CRi interview dp

CRi Interview

We caught up with Montreal DJ CRi at last month’s Time Festival in Toronto, where he discusses his musical style and influences, pre-show rituals and what the perfect Sunday afternoon consists of: Click here for more ...

Mia Martina Interview

  We met up with singer Mia Martina during Juno weekend 2012 to discuss her early start to music, the new album she’s working on, her favourite things and more! Watch interview here: For more on Mia visit: http://www...
dpryde interview

D Pryde Interview

Interview with D Pryde during Canadian Music Week 2014. We discuss his upcoming album, the challenges he’s faced as a musician and more!