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Ben Zamora Interview

Ben Zamora Interview

Ben Zamora interview during Canadian Music Week 2014. We discuss his debut EP “Boardwalk”, his upcoming plans and more! Check out his EP here. Enjoy!
nate hall 2

Nate Hall Interview

We  got the chance to interview singer Nate Hall shortly after his performance on YTV’s The Next Star season finale! Nate’s budding career took off last August when he was named the BELL MEDIA/CHUM Emerging Artis...

Yukon Blonde Interview

An entertaining chat with Yukon Blonde at the Indies during Canadian Music Week 2013.Enjoy!


Hollerado Interview

Interview with Hollerado during Canadian Music Week 2014. We discuss music videos, hotel bars, the joys of making your own appliances and more! Visit: for more on the band.

Victoria Duffield CRMA Interview

Victoria Duffield interview during the CRMA’s.
dallas smith pic

Dallas Smith CRMA Interview

Dallas Smith interview during the CRMA’s.


Crystalyne Interview

We caught up with Crystalyne during Canadian Music Week 2014 (on the first day of their Punks Don’t Dance Tour). We discuss touring, pre-performance rituals, their super fun music video you can check out here. Enjoy!
the anti-queens

The Anti-Queens Interview

We caught up with Toronto rock band The Anti-Queens at Cherry Cola’s Rock ‘n’ Rolla Cabaret & Lounge last month to discuss their latest EP, tour life, bending genre restrictions, their DIY ethic and mu...

Karina Es Interview

We caught up with up and coming singer Karina Es to discuss her radio single “Little Mercy”, her early start to music, the charity work she’s involved with and more! With her killer voice and catchy music she&...