Canadas Talent



Interview with Montreal rapper, MUGZ!

We recently got the chance to ask Montreal rapper, MUGZ some questions!     CT: When did you decide that music was what you wanted to do in your life? MUGZ: I decided I wanted to pursue music as a full time early May ...

Jessica Lee

Interview with up and coming singer Jessica Lee, who was featured in Marianas Trench’s song and music video “Good To You”. Learn about the great adventure she’s experienced this past year, going from a science student a...

Alyssa Reid

We had the opportunity to talk to Alyssa Reid on December 3rd 2010 at Parliament Ultra Club (Ottawa). We discussed her time on the next start (back in 2008), the release of her new video and the things she likes most! Enjoy the...


Danny Fernandes

We met up with singer/dancer Danny Fernandes on December 3rd 2010 at Parliament Ultra Club (Ottawa) to discuss the release of his new album Automaticluv. We talked about what it’s like collaborating with different artists, wh...

Tim Deegan

Meeting up on October 23rd 2010 with Tim Deegan, former Much Music VJ for an interview and some activities! This took place at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre (ExpoEast fair) Remember to subscribe and check out our channel ...

Down With Webster

September 18th 2010, we sat down outside Capital City Music Hall In Ottawa, with Cam and Bucky, rappers in Toronto based band, Down With Webster. Recognized by the likes of Gene Simmons for being one of this years most talented...


Marianas Trench

We caught up with Josh Ramsay (vocals, rythm guitar) and Ian Casselman (drums) of the very talented band Marianas Trench and discussed the past, present and future with lots of laughs and fun stories along the way. Interview to...


On one of the hottest days of the summer, Stereos discuss their fears, share some advice and even clear up some rumors and answer fan questions as well. Learn about them, laugh with them and enjoy watching! This interview took ...

Faber Drive

We sat down with the guys from Faber Drive to find out more about them and even clear up some rumors and ask them some fan questions! This was July 6th 2010 at the Ottawa Bluesfest.