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October 13, 2015

Concert Review: Coeur De Pirate Wows Audience in Toronto

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(photo obtained from artist’s instagram page: @beatricepirate)

Coeur De Pirate – October 7th 2015 at the Phoenix Centre


Coeur De Pirate (Beatrice Martin) put on an incredible, energetic and heartfelt show last week at the Phoenix Centre. The Montreal-based singer kicked off her performance with “Oceans Brawl” one of the mains off of her latest album, Roses. What followed was a steady stream of songs from the new album with some oldies like “Golden Baby” thrown in-between for the hardcore fans.


Backed by a full band, she alternated between the front of the stage and taking over the piano for certain songs. There’s something so endearing about the way she put feeling into each song, interpretive dancing around the stage as she sang. This added greatly to the meaning of each song, aiding in telling the audience the story. Martin even showed off her versatility by covering a Drake song (Hold on, We’re Going Home) which really got the crowd going. The cover flowed beautifully into the set, her extraordinary vocals are truly able to cover any song while giving it her own personal touch.


Way Back Home was especially heartfelt as it was written for her young daughter, Romy. She explained that she often worries about leaving her child behind while she’s away on tour, so she wrote her a song. She hopes that when Romy’s older she will listen to her mother’s music.


Break-up song Adieu was a crowd favourite, being one that many people can relate to.  The attitude and power put in as she confidently strutted on stage added to the whole vibe and meaning of the song and made it that much more fun to sing along to. Positive energy radiated throughout the crowd, the audience felt like a group of friends, all being there for each other and understanding one another.

(Photo obtained from artist’s instagram page: @beatricepirate)

Coeur De Pirate made sure to keep a close connection with the fans in her banter throughout the show. At one point she called out, “Is anyone on a Tinder date? Cuz that would be weird. Like, hey we’re going to this French singer’s concert. It’ll be awesome.” The crowd laughed and I wondered how many Tinder dates were actually currently taking place…


For the encore, she sang two songs: Comme Des Enfants and Carry On.


Comme Des Enfants was incredibly heartfelt – the audience sang along, giving me goosebumps. She praised us Torontonians for our ability to sing in French saying “I hope they taught this song in French class. Part of your dictees.”


Carry On as the grand closer was fitting, as this is her current single and a passionate, theatrical song. It was a beautiful way to end this fantastic show and left the audience wishing for more time. Sadly though, all great shows must come to an end but the memories remain. As the lights came back on,  people flocked to the merch table for some more tangible memories. Those who stuck around eventually got to meet her and autographs were signed and selfies were snapped.

Coeur De Pirate models her new CanadasTalent wristband


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