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February 11, 2012

Down With Webster Kicks Off Wintour With a Bang!


Montreal’s Metropolis was filled with fans ready to get Down With Webster on Friday night (January 20th). The jam-packed venue was filled with die-hard and curious fans, all ready to sing along to the lyrics. The band performed lots of new material and you could tell the boys were excited to perform fresh songs.

There were a few opening acts. The first one was a very impressive hip hop/rap duo from Philly. Their style is in the same musical vibe as Down With Webster’s so it was a perfect match. This opening act got us all pumped. The two boys (‘Twist’ Feighan and Cooter McRae) were visiting Canada for the first time. Also opening for DWW was Creature, a Montreal band. The male singer had impressive guitar skills and the band looked like they were having fun dancing around and singing for their hometown. Check them out if you like the ‘Monster Pop’ genre (as they describe themselves):

Down With Webster say on their Facebook page that “Every show is a party and we dare the audience to have more fun than us (usually it’s a tie”). Well it sure was a tie in Montreal that night! The Wintour III started with a bang with I Want It All, track number 7 from Time To Win Vol 2.  As soon as Diggy started the first notes of the track, the crowd went nuts. The screaming continued as Pat, Tyler and Marty entered the stage. When Bucky and Cam jumped, everyone couldn’t help but jump with them. They got us bouncing, singing and putting our W’s up throughout their whole performance. This band’s energy is insane.


When Bucky explained to the crowd how Monteal felt like their ‘’home away from home’’, he continued by adding this crazy story of two fans who came all the way from Fort Lauderdale. The fans (a couple) came on stage and took the mic. The guy turned to his girlfriend (who was wearing a DWW shirt, we like that!) and got down on one knee and pulled out a ring and proposed! Pat said this was the very first time this has ever happened at a Down With Webster show. The girl said yes and the crowd was over the top excited as the band started to play “Your Man”.

Here’s a clip of the proposal DWW posted on Facebook:

These 6 multi-talented young men came back for an encore and finished it up with White Flags. The show ended with a bang: Cam coming out with a giant flag with the band’s logo on it, waving it as the crowd went wild for one last chorus.

After the concert, many curious fans gathered around the tour bus, waiting for one of the boys to come outside. Pat and Cam took time for pictures and to chat with everyone outside, in the very cold (almost unbearable!) weather. Their friends were side stage the entire night and the boys were very happy to be in Montreal. They thanked the fans numerous times and then left for  some more partying.

If you enjoyed this article, I suggest you to check out Down With Webster’s tour dates. (Visit the Tour Dates tab on They will probably be stopping by your city! Get your helmet and get ready to have fun on WINTOUR III.  Join the madness and the DWW revolution!

Article and photos by Elodie Trudeau, Delphine Bissonnette and Chloe Charbonneau


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