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January 15, 2012

Down With Webster


City: Toronto

Members: Cameron  “Cam” Hunter (rap, vocals), Martin “Bucky” Seja (rap, vocals), Patrick “Pat” Gillett (vocals, guitar), Andrew “Marty” Martino (drums), Tyler Armes (bass, keyboard), David “Diggy” Ferris (DJ)

Label: Universal Motown



Down With Webster (2007)

Time To Win Volume 1 (2009)

Time To Win Volume 2 (2011)


- The band was formed back when the members were in middle school

- They have sold over 50,000 albums and 500,000 singles

- Their fans are called  “D-dubbers” or “Whoarriors” (derived from their song “Whoa Is Me”)

-Each winter the band goes on their annual “WINtour”

-Former member Kyle “Kap” Fairlie (2006-2011) was a child actor who voiced several cartoons including “Little Bear” and Rabbit from “Franklin.” He also appeared on “Goosebumps” and “A Holiday to Remember”.

Cam Hunter

Bucky Seja

Pat Gillett

Marty Martino

Tyler Armes

Diggy Ferris

Down With Webster is a 6-member rock/rap band from Toronto. The members went to school together, played on the same Tee ball team as kids and have known each other for a very long time.

In middle school, the boys were given a school assignment to create a rock band. They then entered a talent show at their school (which they won) and have been a band ever since.

Down With Webster combines a unique mix of musical styles, as they have two rappers, a singer, and often have a band playing horns in the background during live shows. Coming from different backgrounds and musical influences, they have created a style that’s all their own. Their live performances are explosive and full of energy and they were selling out venues long before being signed.

In 2008 they won the Rogers Mobile/Universal Music Best Unsigned Artist in Canada award. After winning the award, both Gene Simmons and Timbaland showed interest in them. However, they ended up signing with Universal Motown/ Universal Music in April 2009.

Their first album self-titled “Down with Webster” was released  on June 26, 2007.They then released Time to Win, Vol. 1, on October 6, 2009. This album included 3 singles that all went platinum in Canada. Their 3rd album Time to Win Vol 2 came out on October 31, 2011.

The band has been nominated for several awards including Juno awards, MuchMusic Video awards ( Where their song “Whoa Is Me” won Pop Video of the Year in 2011) and Canadian Radio Music Awards (where they won the “Best Group or Solo Artist” category).

By: Beatrice Hanley


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