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August 23, 2010

Edmonton Folk Music Festival 2010- Day 1

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Written by: CT

Hey, I’m Nelly of Canadas Talent, and I’m going to be sharing my experience out at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival with you!

The first night of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival was Wednesday, August 4th 2010.  They started off the festival with a BANG! Although there were no Canadian artists there this night, I decided to go and check out the event.
THis is a really cool festival because it takes place on a ski hill.  WHen you first get there most people scramble to put down there tarp as close to the stage as they can possibly get.  By the time everyone has found there spot the hill in front of the Main stage looks like a giant quilt of ten thousand people enjoying some great music.
The two performers who started off the Folk Fest were Bobby “Blue” Bland and the great Van Morrison.
SInce it was the first night of the festival they handed out candles for free to the event goers, therefore by the end of the night the hill was a sea of candles.  THe sight basically takes  your breath away because it is so beautiful.


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