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August 23, 2010

Edmonton Folk Music Festival 2010- Day 4 (August 7th 2010)

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Written by: CT

Day 4 of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival took place on Saturday August 7th.  The first performances started at 11:00 am and the last performance of the day ended at 12:30 am!  So…as you can tell it was a LONG day.

The first session I decided to go to was called “War and Peace”.  It had four Canadian artists that belted out tunes linked to the theme of war and peace.  The performers at this session were Jill Hennessy, Sarah Harmer, Basia Bullat and Terry Morrison.



Jill Hennessy who was on the far right of the stage started off the session.  She now lives in the U.S., but was born right there in Edmonton.  Something I found interesting about her was that when she is just talking, she speaks with a very deep voice, but her singing voice is very high.  One of the songs she sang was called Edmonton; it was about her Grandmother going to that city after fleeing her past country.  Right before she sang it, she told us how much she missed Edmonton and she filled us in on her memories of Edmonton: which were mostly filled with her grandmother’s perogies.





Sarah Harmer was right beside Jill Hennessy to the left, (second to the right).  Poor Sarah, decided to sing a friend’s song that related to the theme, sadly she forgot some words.  Since she couldn’t remember the words she decided to make up some lyrics of her own.  Although there was some foul language along the way, Sarah Harmer proved to us that she could create a very beautiful song right on the spot.




Basia Bulat was beside Sarah Harmer to the left.  She has a very original sound and creates toe tapping music.  Her music is described as chamber pop and I have to say it is mesmerizing.  I was blown away by her song “Run”, which I had to download on my ipod right away when I got home.



Terry Morrison was the last artist at this session.  She was on the far left.  She herself is an Edmonton native too.  I found her voice to be very soothing and relaxing.  My favourite song of hers was 1942; it was about a teen girl during the Second World War.




Later on, Sarah Harmer was playing again on the main stage.  Right when she started her act, it started to rain really hard.  But that didn’t stop anyone from having fun!  Before Sarah went on there were some pretty cool disco queens and a gorilla entertaining the crowd!  The hula hoopers didn’t stop in the rain either, they just kept smiling and swinging their hips.

The next day of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival was the last one

But don’t worry some of the best artists I saw performed on this very day!


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