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August 8, 2010

Edmonton Folk Music Festival 2010 – Day 5 (August 8th 2010)

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Written by: CT

When the last day of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival (Sunday August 8th) rolled around I couldn’t believe it!  It still felt like the first day was yesterday.  Although it was the last day, I found it the most enjoyable. That’s because I felt like I was discovering tons of up and coming talent.

The first concert I went to today was called the U22 concert.  U22 is an organization that showcases young artists that are under 22 years of age.  I wasn’t really expecting much from the teens,  thought it would be kind of like a talent show where they all just sing popular songs by different artists.  Boy was I WRONG!  All of them were extremely talented and they all write or compose all there music themselves. There were five main artists at the concert: Lyra Brown, Brian Macleod, Alanna Clarke, Calum Graham and Lucas Chaisson.This portion of the festival really appealed to me because it’s fun discovering great musicians that you never knew existed.

Lyra Brown has an amazingly unique sound.  She has a very Tim Burton and Lady Gaga effect.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she became very well known in the future.  It’s very hard to explain her music, but if you listen to it you would know exactly what I ‘m talking about.

Brian Mcleod is a very confident guy, who wanted to put the crowd into a hippy daze, with his psychedelic sound.

Alanna Clarke was was called the psychological explorer.  She has a strong voice and writes all her songs herself.  I have a feeling she will become the next Shania Twain, or a Canadian Taylor Swift.



Calum Graham is the craziest guitar player I have ever seen.  He has a great stage presence, you can’t take your eyes of his hands, they move up and down the guitar so fast.  It’s like the guitar is a part of him.  What a phenomenal instrumentalist.

Lucas Chaisson was the last of the main performers at this concert.  He is only sixteen and people have already linked his music to John Mayer and Martin Sexton.  He has a very chill and laid-back personality that works perfectly with his style of music.


At the end of the concert, all the of the U22 artists played together, the last song wasn’t even planned.  Brian picked up his didgeridoo and just started playing.  Then all of the others stared to sing or play an instrument along with Brian.  It was amazing to hear what they were able to come up with.

The next session I visited was called Songs of Secrets.  It featured Tanya Tugaq, Celina Kalluk, Kate Reid and Dala.

Tanya Tugaq and Celina Kalluk are throat singers from Nunavut.  Dala is a harmonious pair of ladies from Ontario and Kate Reid is a fun singer, who’s most well known song is “The Only Dyke on the Open mic”





The last day of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival ended with a huge BANG!  At the very end (11 pm) all of the artists who had played that day came out on the Main stage and sang with the iconic Melanie.  Everyone in the crowd linked arms and swayed back and forth with their candles in hand.

What an entertaining and greatly organized festival!  I wouldn’t mind checking it out next year too!

Thanks for reading my blog posts on the Edmonton Folk Music Festival!  I had tons of fun.

-Nelly of Canadas Talent


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