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January 14, 2012

Faber Drive


City: Mission, BC

Members: Dave Faber (lead vocals, guitar), Jeremy “Krikit” Liddle (bass, backing vocals), Jordan “JP” Pritchett (guitar, backing vocals), Andrew Stricko (drums, backing vocals)

Label: 604 Records

Discography: Faber EP (2005), Seven Second Surgery (2007), can’T keEp A SecrEt (2009)

Fun Facts:

-The band name comes from the lead singer’s (Faber) reckless driving.

Dave Faber

Jeremy “Krikit” Liddle

Jordan “JP” Pritchett

Andrew Stricko

Faber Drive was formed in 2004 with original members Dave Faber (who goes by his last name, “Faber”), Jeremy “Krikit” Liddle, Ray “Red” Bull, and David Hinsley. Faber personally asked Red to audition for the band as Faber was his drum teacher at the time. Faber and Red found Krikit playing at a church service, and Hinsley was found through Faber’s brother.

In 2007 they released their first album, Seven Second Surgery. This album included the certified gold singles “When I’m With You” and “Tongue Tied”. They won 2 awards around this time. “Tongue Tied” won the SOCAN #1 song award in 2007 and they won the Canadian Radio Music Award for Best New Group (Hot A/C) of the Year in 2008. They were also nominated for a Juno award for Best New Group of the Year in 2008.

In 2008 Ray Bull and David Hinsley both left Faber Drive. Ray Bull got married, and David Hinsley quit. The remaining members got Calvin “Poncho” Lechner (drums) and Zubbin Thakkar (lead guitar and backing vocals) to join Faber Drive until the end of 2008.

In 2009, the 2 new current members joined Faber Drive. Jordan “JP” Prtichett was referred by his dad, Aaron Pritchett, who is friends with Faber. Andrew Stricko toured ¬†with Faber Drive with his old band, and heard that Red thought he would get married soon. Stricko decided to keep in touch with the band and then later joined when they were looking for a drummer.

Also in 2009, Faber Drive released their second album, can’T keEp A SecrEt, which includes the certified platinum single “Give Him Up” and certified double platinum single “G-Get Up and Dance!”.

In 2010, Faber Drive joined Hedley’s cross-Canada tour The Show Must Go…On the Road Tour for a part of the dates.

Faber Drive is currently in the studio working on their 3rd album, expected to be released in 2012.


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