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January 14, 2012



City: Vancouver, BC (originally from Abbotsford, BC)
Members: Jacob Hoggard (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Dave Rosin (guitar, vocals), Tommy Mac (bass, vocals), Chris Crippin (drums, vocals)

Label: Universal Music Canada and Island Records (USA)


Hedley, released September 6, 2005

Try This At Home (DVD), released November 2006

Famous Last Words, released October 30, 2007

The Show Must Go, released November 17, 2009 in Canada and December 7, 2010 in the US.

Go With The Show , released November 9, 2010

Storms, released November 8, 2011


Over 10 Juno nominations

Won a Juno in 2011 for Video of the Year

Multiple MMVA nominations, almost 10 of them being winners, including Best Video, Best Cinematography & Best Director.

Their album  Famous Last Words went platinum within two weeks of being released.

Upcoming tour:

Shipwrecked – February & March of 2012.

Details, dates & tickets:


  • Jacob Hoggard is the only member left of the original Hedley.
  • After going platinum, Jacob and Tommy both got ‘Hedley’ tattooed on their butts.
  • Hedley has created ‘Hedley Ambassadors’, a group of fans who had to compete in challenges to win.
  • In 2010, Hedley performed at the Vancouver Olympics closing ceremony
  • Hedley has travelled to both Kenya and India to do volunteer work with Free The Children, as well as performed and spoke at various We Day’s and has helped raise over $14,000 for education in India.
  • Lead singer Jacob was on Canadian idol in 2004. He placed 3rd.
Jacob Hoggard Dave Rosin Tommy Mac Chris Crippin

Hedley is a pop/rock/alternative band from Vancouver, BC (originally from Abbotsford, BC). Originally, Hedley was started in 2004, however, it changed members after Jake finished his season on Canadian Idol.

Seven years later, Hedley has produced 5 albums, won various awards. Their music videos top the charts and their singles are repeatedly played on radio stations and ipods alike.  They have been signed with Universal Music Canada since 2005 and more recently in 2010, were signed with Island Records.

In 2005, Hedley released their first self titled album Hedley. Since then, the band has released the following: Famous Last Words (2007), The Show Must Go (2009), their live album and documentary DVD; Go With The Show (2010) and their most recent album; Storms (2011).

Hedley is named after the town of Hedley, BC. They chose the name after hearing that the town was for sale.  Throughout the years, Hedley has been nominated for multiple Juno Awards and MMVAs. They have won awards including, Video of the Year, Best Pop Video, Best Video and Best Cinematography.

Hedley has teamed up with Free The Children. Through this, they have performed and spoken at multiple We Day’s,  travelled to Kenya and India and raised over $14,000 for education in India.

Promoting their latest album Storms, Hedley will be heading out on their Shipwrecked Tour in February 2012.

By Kirsten Raccio and Ashley Lewis


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