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March 13, 2011

Interview with Montreal rapper, MUGZ!

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Written by: CT

We recently got the chance to ask Montreal rapper, MUGZ some questions!



CT: When did you decide that music was what you wanted to do in your life?

MUGZ: I decided I wanted to pursue music as a full time early May of last year. I was head supervisor at the company I was working for, and told myself that “this was not cutting it for me.” I needed more than just a 9-5. That job helped me find myself, as well as my passion for music. It was always an idea to do music; however my mind was set and determined to make it official.

MUGZ performing

CT: What inspires you most?

MUGZ: Life. The experiences that I have been through, the conversations I’ve had, the people I’ve met, they’re all inspirations. A good beat can help influence lyrics. I always keep my family in the back of my mind whenever I perform, write or record. The idea of “making them proud” is what drives me. They are partially the reason for the “fire” in me.

CT: If you could compare yourself to another artist who would it be and why?

MUGZ: I don’t really do the comparing thing, usually because others tend to do it BUT if I had to choose an artist, I would definitely say “Kanye West.” I say Kanye only because I understand his thoughts towards music as well as his business ventures. He is not afraid to take chances with records. I am not necessarily saying our music has similarities because we both have different styles; however I feel that if we had to collaborate in studios, an outcome of “magic” would be an understatement.

Recording artist, Kanye West

CT: What is your biggest goal for the future?

MUGZ: To be doing what I love the most in a stable, safe environment. I want to forever be surrounded by good people to help amplify the positivity towards my career. My social life has changed at a great level; therefore I would like to remain successful and pure in this industry. I would love for the world to know who “MUGZ” is on a universal level. My music will speak to people.

MUGZ on stage

CT: What are 5 random facts about yourself?

MUGZ: I love sour candies. I love listening to dancehall music before any performance. I’m usually a clown in and out of the studio. I own 50% of my label. I’m only 22 years old (most don’t believe me).

CT: What type of music do you enjoy listening to?

MUGZ: I listen to all types of music actually. I enjoy anything real and soothing to the ear. Whether it be country, folk, hip-hop, r&b, reggae, soca. Etc… The list can go on endless. I sometimes catch myself singing one of those radio pop hits just because it’s that good/contagious. I was raised in a house full of music; therefore my ears are open to almost any genre.

CT: What hobbies do you have outside of music?

MUGZ: Outside of music I try to spend as much time with my team. We’re always doing something but we like to have fun first and foremost. We only have one chance on this earth therefore we make the best out of everything. From eating at fancy restaurants, to spending our money on the newest Jay’s that were released, then finally travelling across the world for new insight. It depends on how we feel basically.

CT: What is your biggest fear?

MUGZ: Dying at a young age. Too many people die at a young age and are cheated from knowing what life could have been. I am not in the environment to lose my life at a young age; however you NEVER know when your time can come. I just don’t want to be “short-changed” for that matter. Leaving my family behind would be the hardest thing to have to accept. Life is chance to see how far you can go, in whatever field you choose. I want to be able to “milk it all” for what its worth.

CT: Say you were stuck on a desert island, what items would you have to bring with you?

MUGZ: Food and a laptop. Food just as an essential to survive, and a laptop to keep me up to date with all the latest music in the world, emails, and interviews like this .

CT: What can your fans expect from you in the future?

MUGZ: My fans can expect growth. Recording and writing has become a lot more familiar with me now. I won’t say easy, but it all feels so natural. I took many music chances last year, and will continue to do so in the future. I will experiment and still continue to find myself as an artist through the music. 2011 should be a good year.

CT: What message would you like to give to your fans?

MUGZ: I would to tell my fans to keep supporting, and to follow their dreams until they become their reality. Music unites us all, therefore we are all connected. Thank you for what you have made me, and continue to watch me grow in this industry. “BLACKROSE MUSIC” will be known soon enough, as long as you keep us alive. Until then, thank you.

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