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May 28, 2011

Marianas Trench

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Vancouver, B.C.

Mike Ayley Matt Webb Josh Ramsay Ian Casselman

Members: Josh Ramsay (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano), Matt Webb (guitar,piano), Ian Casselman (drums), Mike Ayley (bass)

Label: 604 Records


Fix Me, released October 3rd, 2006

Masterpiece Theatre, released February 24th, 2009

Ever After, released November 21st, 2011

Facts: -members Josh Ramsay and Matt Webb knew each other from high school.

-October 3rd is the official “Marianas Trench Day” established by the fans.

Josh Ramsay

Matt Webb

Mike Ayley

Ian Casselman

Lead singer Josh Ramsay grew up surrounded by music. His dad, Miles ran Little Mountain Recording Studio where bands like ACDC and Aerosmith would go to record their music. His mom, Corlynn was a singing coach. Ramsay admits that as a child, he believed everyone was a musician.It is both their originality and of course, their sense of humor that sets these guys apart from others.

At the age of 14, Josh began a solo singing career, finding local gigs around town. His mom would drive him around and he would often perform at bars where, being underage, he would have to sing and then exit the bar immediately.

During high school, he met future band member Matt Webb. The two sang in school choir and started a band called “Ramsay Fiction” which quickly fell apart. It was around then that Ramsay began a battle with drugs and struggled with an eating disorder as well. He kept his troubles a secret from friends and family members until people began to notice. He was sent to rehab at the age of 17 and it was there that he realized his passion for music was greater than his addiction. He was able to recover.

Josh and Matt began searching for members to complete their band. Drummer Ian Casselman was found in a newspaper ad. Once they had chosen him, Ian’s roommate Mike Ayley was helping them with the auditioning process when they decided that Mike was the guy they were looking for. He became their bassist and they set off on their journey as Marianas Trench. It is not known how the band got it’s name, the guys have been known to come up with a different crazy story each time they are asked.

The first album, Fix Me, came out October 3rd 2006. Most of the lyrics deal with Josh’s struggles during his time with drugs, insomnia and an eating disorder. It is very personal and when you truly listen to the words you begin to understand how he felt and the sadness that had surrounded him. Music was a way for him to vent and let out his frustration. It’s easier for him to express himself through song writing than verbally. Even though the songs dealt with some heavy subjects, the guys were able to throw in some humor too, especially with the release of their music video “Shake-Tramp” which won them a Juno award for “Video Of The Year”.

From the first album onwards, Marianas Trench stood out with their unique sound partly due to their ability to perform beautiful harmonies (ALL the members can sing), something you don’t come across as often in bands nowadays. These harmonies give their music more depth and create an amazing sound.

Next came the bands second album, “Masterpiece Theatre” released February 24th 2009. The record blends a mix of pop, punk, rock (similar to the likes of Queen), even soulful R&B and some doo wop. The entire album is built around 3 songs called “Masterpiece Theatre” 1, 2 and 3. One appears at the start, one in the middle and one at the end. The third one ties all 12 songs on the record together.

The band’s third album “Ever After” was released November 21st 2011. By December 2011 it went platinum in Canada.

Ever After is a concept album, the theme being a dark fairytale about a “magical toyland”. Although it seems like a fantasy story, it can be assumed that Ramsay has taken real-life experiences and presented them as a fairytale. The album has no breaks in between tracks, they all flow together smoothly like one long song.

By: Beatrice Hanley


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