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January 13, 2012

Michael Bublé


City: Vancouver, B.C.

Label:  Reprise Records / 143 Records

Discography: Michael Bublé, released February 11th, 2003

Totally Bublé- EP, released September 9th, 2003

It’s Time, released February 7th, 2005

Call Me Irresponsible, released April 27th, 2007

Crazy Love, released October 6th 2009

Hollywood- Deluxe EP, released October 25th, 2010

Christmas, released October 21st, 2011



-Since the age of two, Michael Steven Bublé dreamed of becoming a famous singer. He would sleep with the bible when he was younger and pray to become a singer.

-At the age of thirteen his family played the Bing Crosby’s classing album, White Christmas, and he sang along and his family immediately recognized his amazing talent.

-Michael had another passion, he wanted to play for the Vancouver Canucks.  However, he eventually believed he was not the best at hockey so he focused on music.

Michael Bublé grew up with two younger sisters.  Growing up, he would spend most of his summers with his father who was a commercial fisherman.  At the young age of sixteen, Michael began singing in night clubs.  He was able to sing there at this age because his grandfather was a plumber and would exchange plumbing services for stage time for him.

At the age of 18 Michael won (and was later disqualified) from a local talent contest because he was under age.  Even in dark points of his life he never gave up and he knew he wanted to become a professional singer.

Michael’s big breakout years were 2000-2002. He was able to play at a business party which former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney would be attending.  Michael gave his self titled album to the Prime Minister and the man in charge of the country was blown away.  He showed the CD to his daughter who was just about to get married at the time, and he was invited to sing at the wedding.  At the wedding Michael was introduced to multi Grammy award winning producer, David Foster.  David was so impressed with his talent that he signed him to his label 143 Records.  Michael was able to make his debut album titled “Michael Bublé”.  Michael has won many Grammys and has broken records with his outstanding talent.

By Spencer Paul


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