By: Emma Capalbo

Simple Plan is back and better than ever! After almost 5 years since their last album release of “Get Your Heart On!” the French-Canadian pop-punk band yet again has proved to us that they’re here to stay. “Taking One for the Team” features 15 songs and it is clear the band is sticking to their roots with a French version of “I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed” featuring Nelly included on the album.

Simple Plan’s versatility is revealed as we are taken through a roller coaster of emotions throughout the album. From almost tearing up by listening to “Problem Child” to head banging and dancing around the room to “Boom!” and “Everything Sucks” it’s quite clear that this album is a roller coaster that you never want to get off of. As usual, the band also included some catchy pop songs on the album such as “Singing in the Rain” featuring Nelly and you definitely won’t get that one out of your head for a while.

From what feels like an eternity since their last album, Simple Plan definitely made the wait worth while. The band clearly still has it and still has some of the most catchy songs that won’t leave your head for days. Their sound has matured but they still have stuck to their roots which is why their fan base has been strong since the start. Simple Plan has been around for years and I’m sure they will be for many more to come.

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