Label: Universal Canada

Released: October 31th 2011

After much anticipation from the fans, Down With Webster finally released the new album following Time To Win Volume 1, released two years before. This time, the boys put out a full length album. Time To Win Volume 2, includes 13 songs on the regular CD and 15 on the Deluxe Version from iTunes.

The fans who have been around for a long time all noticed DWW brought back new versions of some oldies like ‘’Big Wheels’’ and ‘’Grind’’. With this new album the band has definitely not lost their ‘’winning’’ motto  and party anthems. However, Volume 2 has been said to be “a little more grown up than the previous album”. “I think on this album we kind of knew a little more of what we wanted in the studio and how to get it whereas the first album was a little more of a dry run… This one we wanted to make a whole album that was a little more cohesive… the first one maybe showed a little of our diversity, rock, hip hop, pop. This one we tried to make it so that all songs had a little bit of that in them” says singer/guitarist Pat Gillett.

As they were recording, the label got the release date pushed back because the boys had so much new material this time around. They definitely had time to bring this album to perfection. The tracks still involve an undetectable style… a mix of different genres including rock, rap and pop. It is one of those albums where finding a favorite song becomes a hard task because every track is epic.

The album starts off with up tempo songs like “Go Time” and “Professional”, then two radio hits (“She’s Dope” and “Big Wheels”). Next comes “Grind” an older song of theirs and one of the many fan favourites. Tracks ”Staring At The Sun”, “I Want It All” and “So Positive” are inspirational to say the least. Royalty and White Flags, which have a little dubstep in them, will have you singing along to the catchy choruses. Jessica, their one ballad, is extremely catchy as well. The song ‘Work’ featuring the band “Far East Movement” will make you want to get up and dance! The band also collaborated with Boi-1da for ‘’Professional’’ and “I Want It All”.

With some singles out already, the band continues to expand their fan base and never fail to impress us with their talent, creative music videos and explosive performances.

After two volumes filled with winning anthems, we wonder what Down With Webster will come up with on their next album!


By: Elodie Trudeau, Chloé Charbonneau, Delphine Bissonnette

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