Label: 604 Records
Released: November 21, 2011

Combining a successful mix of catchy beats and soft, soothing melodies, Vancouver
pop/rock band Marianas Trench has managed to WOW their fans and others with the
release of their newest album, Ever After. This long awaited third album follows the
release of their platinum-selling 2nd album, Masterpiece Theatre and might even have
the potential to surpass it. With songs that both touch your heart and make you want
to go out and dance through the streets, the artistry behind the music is unmistakable.
Marianas Trench has struck again.

Rewind back to July 2010. Canadas Talent had the opportunity to interview the band
when the idea for the album was still in its initial stage. As we discussed the theme used
in Masterpiece Theatre with lead singer Josh Ramsay and drummer Ian Casselman,
Josh mentioned part of his plan for Ever After. “Now I’m trying something even more
ridiculous [than Masterpiece Theatre] on the third album…. but it’s ambitious and stupid
and crazy…but if I pull it off it’ll be great”

Now the question is…. did they pull it off?

The concept of Ever After is intriguing as you follow the story of the main character’s
journey through a mysterious toy land. The character – who is unnamed but could be
assumed to be lead singer Josh – must travel through this land in order to find the key
back to his world, including overthrowing the evil queen Carolina and finding the lost
princess of the toy kingdom Porcelain. In the end he finds his “happy ever after” and
decides to live in this magical land with Porcelain.

The songs are merged together beautifully – quite literally as the album is formatted
to play as one individual song. All together, this masterful work shows that Marianas
Trench could not have written a more captivating or better third album. Well done!

By: Julia St-Jean

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