The Faceplants’ latest EP, produced by Hedley’s Tommy Mac, definitely has something for everyone. Featuring pop, rock, hip/hop, and even a little bit of reggae, it’s guaranteed to leave songs playing in your head for days!
The EP starts off with the amazing song “Bulletproof” (Feat. Dizzy D.) This track is one that is bound to get stuck in your head the very first time you listen to it. It shows the great vocal range of lead singer Dan Botch.
The next track from the EP “Last Night” is a catchy mix of both pop and rock. With the clever lyrics of “Last Night Was so Damn Easy” it is one that everyone will want to hear. Last Night was also The Faceplants’ first single, so be sure to check it out.
The next track on the EP is a slower one called “That Much More to Me.” This one is a great love song that you could slow dance to. It talks about that one person who means so much to you.
Next comes “Drifting Away”, an incredible song that you’ll want to play all year around. This song is guaranteed to hit you in an awesome way the first time you play it.
The next song “Top of the World” is about having someone that makes you feel “on top of the world” whenever you’re with them. Starting off with Graham MacKinnon’s impressive piano skills, this song showcases the band’s vocal range, unbeatable harmonies and their outstanding level of talent.
The last song on the EP is called “Never Look Back”, it’s a song that everyone can have a good time to. With positive lyrics like “Life goes on and we sing our song, never look back” or “We party rock like LMFAO”, it is truly a great song to end off a fantastic EP!
Through this EP, the Faceplants have truly shown t

heir originality and unique sound. They are making their own path in the music industry, one that is bound to cross you. Listening to this EP makes me wonder what is next for The Faceplants. Guess we’ll just have to stick around and find out!


By: Spencer Paul


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