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February 11, 2012

Nightbox Performs in Montreal!

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Written by: CT
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Nightbox 23/01/2012

The Divan Orange was quite full for a Monday night. Why were all these people there? To see the Irish/Canadian band Nightbox. The night was sure worth it, despite having to be up early the next day! The guys kicked off the night with Utopia, a fun song that put everyone in a good mood. We could hear the synthesizer a little more than on the recorded songs and it added a really good vibe to it. Nightbox did an amazing cover of Paul Simon’s song You Can Call Me Al (you know it’s good when you’re disappointed by the original). At that point, the crowd got a little more into it and a few people started dancing. It turned into a dance party during Pyramid, probably their catchiest song. The guys were very energetic and interacted with the crowd in between songs. A very brave James Shelly even spoke a little bit of French! They ended the night with Relocate You and their famous outro. It was a mind-blowing performance and the songs were still stuck in my head days after the concert!


Highlights: -Utopia







Article and photos by: Laurence Des Lauriers-Chouinard


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  1. greenworld

    Irish Canadian singers? Nice combination. Hope to enjoy one of the concerts sometime soon.

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