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August 1, 2010

Ottawa Bluesfest Day 3 – July 10th

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Written by: CT

Bluesfest Day 3 – July 10th
Our “day off” so to speak, we did not do an interview this day, but we headed over to Lebreton Flats nice and early to make sure we got great spots! We ended up front and center (best spots we’ve ever managed to get so far!).

Down With Webster is one of those bands that are definately worth seeing live. They know how to entertain a crowd, they had everyone hyped up and jumping up and down. It’s clear that these guys have a large fan base, their music is geared towards lots of different people as they combine different genres to create a very unique sound. You’ll hear rap, rock, hip hop, pop, this band has 7 members and they all do their part to keep the energy level at it’s highest!

Watch a clip of DWW’s explosive performance here!:

From Left: Bucky, Diggy (far back on the laptop), Cam, Pat, Marty (on drums) and Kap

Cam (left), Tyler (on bass), Marty (on drums)

Here is a clip of them performing “Back Of My Hand” Where they combine Cam’s rapping skills with Pat’s excellent vocals. I love how they switch back and forth, creating a unique sound:

So if you’re up for a fun and energetic show, make sure you check out these guys next time they’re in town!


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