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August 1, 2010

Ottawa Bluesfest Day 4 – July 15th

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Written by: CT

We arrived at Lebreton Flats ready for our interview with Marianas Trench!  We have really been enjoying their music this past year and were excitied to finally get the chance to have a chat with them. We interviewed Josh and Ian as it is quite cramped inside a hot trailer. We had lots of fun (the sound of Josh Ramsay’s laugh is sure to keep you entertained, I might add) and it was great to hear their stories and experiences. We can’t wait for you guys to watch it!

Josh Ramsay (Lead singer, Guitar) and Ian Casselman (Drums) during the interview

Us with the band. From left: Josh Ramsay (lead singer, guitar), Matt Webb (guitarist), Mike Ayley (bass), Ian Casselman (drums)

Now for the show!:
It’s their originality (and of course, their sense of humour) that sets these guys apart from others. Who else but Marianas Trench can pull this off for the start of their show (and rememeber this was in 30 degree heat):Performing “Celebrity Status”                                                                      The grand entrance! (In Ninja attire)


July 15th also marked a special day for the band because it was drummer Ian’s birthday. To celebrate, the band and stage crew wore special t-shirts with Ian’s face (and Ian sayings) printed on them. The crowd totally went wild during “Celebrity Status” one of their most recent hits and later during “Cross My Heart” as Josh Ramsay came down into the crowd causing hundreds of girls to push up even closer to the stage for a chance to touch him. The guys also played some of their older songs from their previous album such as “Say Anything”, Decided To Break It” and of course “Shake Tramp”.

Josh Ramsay in his Ian t-shirt

For those of you who dont know this, the band’s most recent album, Masterpiece Theatre, contains 3 songs (one at the start, one in the middle and one at the end) that all go together. The last one ties all the songs in the entire album together, creating the most beautiful song you can imagine. What makes this band so unique is their ability to perform beautiful harmonies (all members can sing), something you don’t come across as often in music nowadays. The harmonies give their music more depth and creates an amazing sound.

Here is a clip of ”Masterpiece Theatre 1″, the song that starts off the album:


For the people who were there, you probably remember when Josh Ramsay gazes into the crowd, spotting something at the other end of the feild: “What is that weird…half, half uhh..what is that? Where is my English? I’ts my first language I promise! but what is that? is that a lemon? Are you a lemonade stand? Wave if you agree with me! Is your lemonade both delicious and nutritious? Do you two happen to go by the names of Delicious and Nutritious?”
Sure enough, at the end of the show, everyone went and bought a lemonade from Delicious and Nutritious. This goes to show how much impact that little comment had. Or maybe, after a fantastic show, everyone was really thirsty. Either way, I hope the band got some lemonade, they definately deserved it!

The greatest thing about this concert was seeing people have such a great time. Everyone was dancing, singing along, it was so much fun! We met someone who has been taking her now 9 year old son to see Marianas Trench ever since he was a toddler. This band has earned themselves some true hard core fans who truly support them. Somethings never change, great music will always attract people young and old.

Here is a clip of them performing “All To Myself” as you can tell, the crowd loved it!

Our last day at Bluesfest was a very enjoyable one! We’ve met some great people and are starting to recognize some of you frequent concert-goers. Next time you see us at an event, wearing our yellow shirts, cameras in hand, don’t hesistate to say hi

This year of Bluesfest was a great one! Can’t wait for next year’s!

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