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June 4, 2014

Real Ponchos Interview

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1) How would you describe your music and unique sound to those who have not heard it?

Ben: We generally call it psychedelic country soul. Its a blend of alt-country and jam band influences, with early 70′s rock like the Band and Bob Dylan.

2) What is the writing process like? Where do you draw from for inspiration for lyrics?

Ben: My tunes (Ben Arsenault) come out of the ether, more or less. They are inspired by living life, spending time alone. Emile Scott writes tunes based on a lyric or melody he snags froma potent feeling that he then stews and stirs for a while until it smells like a song.

3) You guys are heading out on tour soon, what do you look forward to the most about being on the road? What is the greatest challenge?

Ben: The best thing about being on the road is playing to new folks everynight, talking and hanging with them after the shows. Also its sweet to see how the music and band develops over the course of the tour. The hardest part is making enough money to buy gas for the tour van.

4) You recently released an album, that’s exciting! Tell us about the recording process.

Ben: Our new album, ‘Since I Let You Go’, was recorded in a good studio in Vancouver, now closed, called the Hive. We had great help from engineer/producer Jesse Gander. We went into the studio and basically just played the tunes like we play them live at shows. Except we over-dubbed vocals and pedal steel and organ. Each band member contributes ideas for the sound and arrangement of songs.

5) what is your favourite moment or memory as a band so far?

Ben: Our favorite moment as a band was the first time we played with Marc Jenkins, pedal steel guitarist, at Logan’s Pub in Victoria, BC. He is a great friend of mine but we had never played with him as a band before that show. He is an amazing musician and really elevated everyone’s playing. There were some magic moments at that show.

6) what is coming up next for you and what is a goal you hope to accomplish in the future as a band?

Ben: Next for us are more shows in the prairies in early June and a festival in Horsefly BC in July. We’ll also continue to play shows in Vancouver. We’d like to tour more and record more tunes soon too. Ideally, we want to expand our audience across Canada so touring becomes more financially sustainable.

7) anything else you would like to share with the fans?

Ben: Check out our new album and pick it up at If someone from Calgary reads this, come out to our show June 9 at the Ironwood Stage and Grill.


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