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August 21, 2012

Simple Plan Fans Get Their Hearts On!

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In the spirit of celebrating Simple Plan’s Get Your Heart On tour last winter, we held a contest in February…fans had the opportunity to win a Simple Plan T-shirt. Being known as ”the month of love”, fans were asked to share what they had done to “get their heart on” that winter…in other words, things they had done to help spread the love and showed they cared about the people in their community.  Participants were then entered in a draw to win their very own Get Your Heart On shirt! We decided to select TWO winners and feature their stories….here’s what they had to say:

“Hey Canadas Talent! This winter, I got my heart on my teaming up with the Salvation Army and my Air Cadets program. We raised money and donated clothes. We sold chocolate-covered almonds one weekend to raise money. And most of the Cadets in my squadron donated clothes they don’t use anymore. :) ” – Natasha G.

“What I’ve done over this winter to spread the love is helped raise funds for the Thaddeus Lake Music Foundation For Disadvantaged Children. The program helps children in and around Leduc, Alberta participate in music programs; whether it be paying for the registration fee, buying them an instrument or just paying for music classes. Thaddeus Lake was a friend of mine who was killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver in November. Music was his passion. He had thought of this organization before his passing. When he passed, his family asked at his memorial service if people could donate to the cause they set up in his honor. By early January, they had raised almost $19,000. I have personally donated to the cause, and have helped fundraising efforts :) ” – Amanda R.

It’s great to see fans getting involved with their community and helping others. Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest, we hope these stories inpire you to make a difference…what have YOU done to Get Your Heart on this year? :)


By: Beatrice Hanley



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