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July 15, 2014

Slow Down Molasses Interview

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1)       You guys put on a very energetic show! Do you have any pre-performance rituals that help you prepare before you get on stage?

Not really, at this point we’ve toured enough and played enough festivals with tight production schedules that we’ve all gotten a bit neurotic about making sure we get set up nice and quickly, so at best we are mostly focused on making sure our gear is working and getting setup quick enough that we can relax for a moment and have a drink prior to starting our set. Once we start we are get pretty energetic, so it’s nice to have a moment to relax before we dive into the set.

2)       Would you say that being from the prairies (Saskatoon) has influenced your sound? If so, how?

To some degree, you could say that. Obviously we play fairly expansive, texture-heavy music so you could say it is inspired by, and fits, the prairie setting, but equally you could say that we’ve just spent a ton of time listening to, and being inspired by, bands like Mogwai, Spiritualized, Slowdive, and Sianspheric. In either case, it’d be an accurate description of our influences. More importantly, you could  also say we tend to be quite inspired by a lot of Saskatoon bands. There is a really incredible scene here that is hugely inspiring to us.  Local bands/artists like Shooting Guns, SoSo, Dumb Angel, and Powder Blue really excite us all and definitely have provided some influence on our sound.


3)       We hear you have a full-length album coming out soon, when will it be released?

We are working on our release plans now. The album is done and we very excited to finally release. It looks like the first single should come out this fall and the album itself should be released next spring.

4)       What is your favourite moment or memory as a band so far?

There are many moment’s that I cherish, but a big one is getting the invite to play End of the Road Festival in Dorset, England. End of the Road is one of the best festivals anywhere and it focuses on all my favorite niches in the music world from the best folk music, to heavy pysch rock to classic indie rock. Their curation is absolutely wonderful and very perfectly aligns with my tastes, so it was such an honour to get to play the festival. It also was the impetuous for our first U.K. tour which was such a huge highly for a little band from the middle of the Canadian prairies.

5)       What is coming up next for you and what is a goal you hope to accomplish in the future as a band?

Right now we are working on our album release plans, so we’ve got a couple videos we are working on, some super interesting remixes and we’re planning some touring. We should end  up in Europe this fall for some shows and will likely do some select shows around Canada as well, before things get nice and busy next spring around album release time.

6)       If you could collaborate with any musician, dead or alive , who would it be and why?

Warren Ellis of The Dirty Three/Grinderman/The Bad Seeds.  He’s such and incredible performer and writer. He has that perfect mix of being able to play/write things that are incredibly restrained and lovely, the immediately turn around and deliver the most abrasive, overwhelming blast of feedback noise. It’s really a wonderful mixture of so many things I like.

For more on Slow Down Molasses, check out their sites here:

Also be sure to take a look at their music video for “Bodies” below:


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