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January 14, 2012


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City: Edmonton, AB and Toronto, ON (current)

Members: Patrick Kordyback (lead vocals), Miles Holmwood (guitar), Daniel Johnson (bass), Robert Chalifoux (guitar), Aaron Verdonk (drums)

Label: Universal Music Canada

Discography: Stereos (October 20th, 2009). Uncontrollable (December 14th, 2010)

Fun Facts:

-Stereos was on the first season of Much Music’s TV show disBand

- Stereos went through two band name changes: From Stand By Me to Turn It Up, then from Turn It Up to Stereos

Patrick Kordyback

Miles Holmwood

Daniel Johnson

Robert Chalifoux

Aaron Verdonk

Stereos was formed in 2008 under the name Stand By Me, in Edmonton, Alberta. In 2009 they appeared on the Much Music show disBand in Toronto, where a panel of judges votes on whether a band “has what it takes”, or “should disBand”. On the show, the band had a week of working with music guru Greig Nori. During their week, Stand By Me was told that they would have to change their band name due to copyright issues, and then became Turn It Up. The judges gave Turn It Up their thumbs up, and after the show, the band returned home. The band was the first to have a special hour-long episode instead of the usual half an hour.  In this extra part of the episode, Turn It Up was taken back to Toronto by Mark Spicoluk to play a show during Canadian Music Week. It was during this time that they were asked to change their name again, and then finally became Stereos. They played in front of Gene Simmons (KISS) and Randy Lennox (President and CEO of Universal Music Canada) and were given a record deal that night.

Stereos released their first album in October 2009, self titled Stereos which featured the acclaimed “song of the summer”, Summer Girl, which was certified double platinum. Other singles included “Throw Ya Hands Up”, “Turn It Up”, and more. The album sold over 40,000 copies and was nominated for a Juno for Best Pop Album in 2010.

Stereos released their second album Uncontrollable in December 2010. The singles are “Uncontrollable” and “Body Move”.

By: Julia St-Jean


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