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Greig Nori Interview

On March 24th 2012 we met up with Greig Nori at the 2012 Indie Awards. Not only is he the lead singer of Treble Charger, he has worked with several bands including Sum 41, Marianas Trench and Hedley. He was also featured on Muc...

Juno FanFare

Saturday, March 31 Once again fans of Canadian music were reunited at the Juno Fan Fare, a popular event from the Juno weekend. The Fan Fare was held by the St-Laurent Centre shopping mall this year, in Ottawa. Greeted by the s...
group pic chasing amee

Chasing Amee

City: Toronto, Ontario Members: Brandon Tuck (vocals, bass) Ryan Faist (guitar, keys), Stephen Hall (guitar, vocals) and Ryan Bro (drums) Releases: Chasing Amee, released on November 22, 2011 Facts: CHASING AMEE produced their ...


A Brief Walk Through Canada’s Musical History

Although Canadian music has been heavily influenced by American culture, Canada’s musical heritage is as wide-ranging and diverse as the country itself. From the earliest known Aboriginal communities with their chanting and o...

MMVAs Date Confirmed!

The 2012 MMVAS have been confirmed for Sunday June 17th! Last year’s event were the most watched MMVAS of all time. With such a fantastic outcome in 2011, we can hardly wait for what’s in store this year! Things can only ge...

Tim Deegan

Meeting up on October 23rd 2010 with Tim Deegan, former Much Music VJ for an interview and some activities! This took place at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre (ExpoEast fair) Remember to subscribe and check out our channel ...