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January 13, 2012

These Kids Wear Crowns

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Members: Alexander Johnson (vocals)

Alan Poettcker (bass, backing vocals)

Matt Vink (Keyboard, backing vocals)

Joe Porter (guitar, backing vocals)

Joshua “Gypsy” McDaniel (guitar, backing vocals)

Josh Mitchinson (drums)

City: Chilliwack, B.C.

Discography: These Kids Wear Crowns (released September 2009)

Jumpstart (released March 2011)

Label: Capitol Records/EMI

Fun Facts:

-Member Josh Mitchinson is originally from England

-These Kids Wear Crowns fans are called “The Neon Army”

-Member Alex Johnson was part of a film production crew called “The Green Nights” (See videos here)

-Their first tour was opening for Faber Drive who they have become good friends with.

Alex Johnson

Joshua “Gypsy” McDaniel

Josh Mitchinson

Matt Vink

Joe Porter

Alan Poettcker

These Kids Wear Crowns is a pop /rock band from Chilliwack, British Columbia.  They  first rose to nation wide popularity after being featured on Muchmusic’s hit show, DisBand ,where they worked with music producer Greig Nori.  Most of the members knew each other from high school and some had previously played in other bands together. ( Good Night Medic).

Before These Kids Wear Crowns were signed they released a self titled EP on September 11, 2009 without a label. When DisBand ended, they got a record deal with Capitol Records/EMI.  Under the label they released another self titled EP on August 31, 2010 which included their hit song Break It Up.

The year 2011 was a big one for These Kids Wear Crowns as they released their first full length album “Jumpstart” on March 1, 2011.  The album debuted at #31 on the music charts in Canada. The album included the hits Jumpstart, Lifetime, Break It Up, and a remake of Whitney Houston’s classic I Wanna Dance with Somebody.  Jumpsart, the single, went gold in Australia.

These Kids Wear Crowns  have been on several tours. Artists they have toured with include Hedley, Fefe Dobson and Simple Plan.  They have toured not only in Canada but also in Australia and Singapore where their fan base is steadily growing.

By: Spencer Paul


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