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July 5, 2012

Watch and Win Contest!

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As promised, in honour of Canada Day it’s time for another contest! All you have to do is watch our latest videos and answer a question for each one. Everyone who gets all answers correct will be entered in a draw and a winner will be chosen! (Note: you must be registered to our website to be eligible to win. Registering is easy and free! Click here to go to the registration page). Contest deadline is Thursday July 12th at 8pm EST. Please send an email to with your answers, your full name and your address. One entry per person please.

So what is the prize you ask? We have a few different ones you can choose from! (Winner may pick 2 of the following 5 options ). These are the options:

1)  Photo signed by Jake and Dave from Hedley

2) Photo signed by Carly Rae Jepsen

3) Photo signed by Cam from Down With Webster

4) Large Hedley poster

5) Simple Plan “Get Your Heart On” T-shirt

Winner will also receive a Canadas Talent wristband as an additional third prize. :)


Now here are the videos to watch. Remember, pay attention so you can answer all questions correctly!

1) Video: Canadas Talent promo. How many bands/artists/public figures are featured in this video? Click here to watch.

2) Video: Hedley interview with Canadas Talent. What song would Jake always keep on the set list no matter how many new albums they release? Click here to watch.

3) Video: Carly Rae Jepsen and JRDN interview at Juno Live Music Workshop. Complete Carly’s sentence “I’m Canadian so ____  ____  _____ it comes from”. Click here to watch.

4) Video: Fairview interview with Canadas Talent. Which member is most likely to live in a tree house? Click here to watch.

5) Video: Canadian Music 2012. What colour shirt is Dan Mangan wearing? Click here to watch.

6) Video: Take Me To The Pilot interview with Canadas Talent. What dance move does Mike show us? Click here to watch.

7) Video: Greig Nori interview with Canadas Talent. What is something Greig looks for in a band when deciding to work with them? Click here to watch.

8) Video: Chatting with Mike from Marianas Trench. What city does Mike call “THE city”? Click here to watch.

9) Video: Down With Webster Interview at Juno Workshop. Who are two female artists Bucky wants to collaborate with? Click here to watch.

10) Video: Mia Martina interview with Canadas Talent. If Mia could trade places with anyone in the world, who would it be? Click here to watch.

11) Karina Es interview with Canadas Talent. What is Karina’s favourite school subject? Click here to watch.

Good luck everyone! :) Remember you have until Thursday July 12th at 8pm EST. Send answers to with your name/address. You must be registered to to be eligible to win. (Registration is free and easy! Click here to register). This contest is open to people worldwide, not just in Canada!



  1. perfectporcelain

    AWESOME contest!!! Sending eemail now! :) you guys are the LUCKIEST girls EVER!!!

  2. JCMyers

    Made my day hearing that I won this! Thank you Canadas Talent!! Happy Friday 13th!

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