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November 13, 2011

Win an autographed Matt Webb EP!

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Written by: CT


Hey all! It’s time for another contest…

We are giving away a copy of Matt Webb’s EP
Coda and Jacket to one lucky fan! It has been autographed by Mr. Matt Webb

Now here’s what you’ve got to do:

Go to the Canadas Talent Youtube channel (Here’s the link) >
and watch the interviews. (There are a total of 15 interviews). You can find
them on the right when you click on the playlist called “Interviews.”

Then answer the
questions below (so make sure you’re paying attention while watching!) There is
one question per interview.

Send an email to with your 15
answers. Everyone who gets all their answers right will be placed in a draw and
a winner will be chosen!

You have until Sunday November 26th
at 6pm EST to submit your answers. You have 2 weeks to complete this mission!
Entries will not be accepted after the deadline.


These are the questions:

1) Faber Drive Interview: Name 3 jobs Faber
has had

2) Stereos Interview: What type of food does
Miles like?

3) Marianas Trench Interview: What is Ian’s
biggest fear?

4) Down With Webster Interview: What 3 posters
did Bucky have on his wall?

5) Tim Deegan Interview: How many chin-ups did
Tim do?

6) Alyssa Reid Interview: Who is Alyssa’s
favourite band?

7) Danny Fernandes Interview: What does Danny
love more than music?

8) Jessica Lee Interview: As a child, what did
Jessica want to be when she grew up?

9) These Kids Wear Crowns Interview: Other
than Canada, in what other country would Alex like to live?

10) Keek Interview: Which band member modelled
for Ikea?

11) Courage My Love Interview: When he first
met them, how could David tell the twins apart?

12) Tyler Medeiros Interview: What is Tyler’s
favourite movie?

13) Matt Webb Interview: How old was Matt when
he began recording stuff at Josh’s studio?

14) Neverest Interview: Which member is most
likely to die of laughter?

15) The New Cities Interview: Which member
loves the rain?


Wanna increase your chances of winning this
contest? Here’s how…

Subscribe to the Canadas Talent youtube
channel and send a screen shot as proof that you have done so. You MUST attach
the screen shot to the same email you are sending your answers to the questions

Proof that you are following @canadastalent
on Twitter >!/canadastalent
or that you have “Liked” Canadas Talent on Facebook >
will also get you more ballots in the draw! So make sure those screen shots are
attached to the email as well.

Good luck everyone! We hope you enjoy
learning more about these artists who inspire us every day with their music,
passion and perseverance.

Feel free to tweet us, email us or write on
our Facebook page if you have any questions.





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